The idea behind Immodating was born from a personal experience – the rental of a relatively cheap rental property. It led to a huge amount of demand from candidates. Wouldn’t there be a way to simplify this rental application process? Couldn’t we immediately find the right person? And as tenant, wouldn’t it be pssible to submit the application online rather than on paper? Founded in February 2012 in Corcelles (French Switzerland), Immodating SA provides innovative web services in rental real estate. The co-founders, Jim Hershkowitz and Vincent Pazeller, gave themselves the mission to improve the relationship between agencies and tenants. The company serves several real estate agencies in Switzerland and has helped process more than 3000 rental applications to date.
Vincent Pazeller
Vincent PazellerCo-founder & CEO
Co-founder of Immodating SA and CEO, Vincent Pazeller is ICT engineer graduated from EPFL and passionate of technologies. Before founding Immodating, he worked several years as a developer for Tizoo, a hosting provider in French Switzerland. He later went independent and now serves many clients in Switzerland. He is based in Neuchâtel.
Coding of web software 95
Security systems 85
Web infrastructure 80
Jim Hershkowitz
Jim HershkowitzCo-founder & Board member
Co-founder of Immodating SA and Non Executive Director, Jim Hershkowitz is passionate of real estate in which he is a small investor. Before founding Immodating, he worked 7 years for Procter & Gamble in marketing and finance. He then joined Tsquared Insights helping it grow from 4 to 35 people. Based in Geneva, he is married and has 3 children.
Client relationships 95
Real estate 80
Product management 80
Our mission consists in improving the relationship between tenants and real estate agencies. Indeed, for us, real estate is not only bricks, it’s before anything a human adventure. Of course, tenants seek a property that fit their needs but a trusting relationship needs to be established between the leaser (owner/agency) and the tenant. Our products and services are therefore always based in that relationship between tenants and agencies.
Our philosophy is reflected in our operating principles and values: (1) We are obsessed with your satisfaction, (2) We are paranoid of privacy, and (3) We want to make a real difference.
With Immodating, you can count on us for: (1) Solid client support, (2) Strict respect of privacy and security, (3) Energetic individuals who listen to you to better innovate.
Benoit Dumont
Benoit DumontAdvisory Board
Benoit Dumont is the Chairman of the board of J.P.Morgan Suisse SA and a board member of Edmond de Rothschild Holding SA. He is on the boards of the Association des Banques Etrangères en Suisse, of the Fondation Genève Place Financière, of Geneva Finance et Research Institute, and of Business School Lausanne (BSL). He is also a member of boards of innovative startups in Switzerland and Belgium (Trace, Intec, Immodating). A member of the advisory board of Immodating SA since january 2013, he advises the team mainly regarding strategy and financing.