Did a rental agency ask you for an ‘Attestation de Poursuite’? This article provides you with 7 tips regarding this document – how to obtain it, how it looks like, and how to increase your chances towards the régies. It should help you having a more solid case for obtaining a rental in Switzerland.

1) Avoid these Legal Proceedings (‘Poursuites’ in French) as much as possible

– Agencies are telling it to us, anyone can go through a tough patch which makes the payment of bills more tricky – being fired, a divorce, etc. For obtaining a rental, it is therefore not the end of the world to have had some proceedings. Yet, if you are in competition with 20 other candidates for a 1 bedroom (3 pièces), it will be a significant disadvantage. Better to avoid them and pay your bills on time.
– Paying your bills is not always enough. In Switzerland, any individual or company can indeed assign these ‘poursuites’ to someone – no proof is necessary at that stage! If you are not familiar with the Swiss system for these ‘poursuites’, you may like this article on profile of candidate on immodating, you are asked on your honour whether you had any such proceedings in the last 2 years, but attaching the original remains absolutely mandatory later on.
– In practice, agencies will make a copy of your document and in most cases will return it to you for the rest of your search for a rental.

Please see below an example of a scanned document. For security reasons it was modified – will you find the 7 errors? 🙂

Attestation_PoursuiteExemple d’Attestation de Non Poursuite sur le 













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