Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2017-09-17T04:17:25+01:00


How to easily scan my documents?2017-09-17T04:17:29+01:00

To attach document to your application, here is some information to help you out. It’s relatively easy but you may not be used to it.

1. With your Scanner



2. With your Smartphone or Numeric Camera



Nous espérons que ces explications auront pu vous aider. N’hésitez pas à nous faire part de vos remarques au travers du formulaire de contact, ou à consulter nos FAQ pour les autres questions. Bonne postulation!
How much does Immodating cost for rental candidates?2014-07-23T19:42:43+01:00

Immodating is entirely free for people looking for a place (tenants). Agencies pay to more easily process tenant applications and for finding a tenant where applicable. Premium services have recently been developed for the candidates who want to go the extra mile for finding a place to rent.

Who selects the candidates for rentals?2014-07-23T19:40:59+01:00

Selection is only done by Agencies (or potential owners) accessing the site. Immodating only has an intermediary role. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more perspective on this.

What are the partner agencies of Immodating?2016-11-09T22:52:39+01:00

Immodating currently works with Groupe Bernard Nicod (11 agencies across French-speaking Switzerland), m3 Real Estate – formerly known as CGi Immobilier (Geneva), FM Management (Geneva), and Daudin & Cie (Geneva). Other agencies are currently in discussion for a launch. You will then be able to submit your application easily with them too. Thanks for your support!

What are the selection criteria of rental agencies?2017-09-17T04:17:29+01:00

The criteria of agencies are mainly financial (household salary, lawsuits), professionals (level, job security) and legal (residence permit, etc.). Other criteria are also your network (the person that recommends you), the family size, the level of information provided by the applicant, motivation, personality, etc. We invite you to consult our blog to get some tips about renting.

How can I visit the property, is it mandatory?2014-07-23T19:37:48+01:00

Immodating does NOT manage the visit of the property. To visit, please go the rental listing on the website of the real estate agency in question and look for visit instructions. In general you will have to call the agency or reach out to the current tenant whose contact details will be indicated. Beware, to our knowledge, all agencies in French speaking Switzerland require as mandatory that you visit the property before applying for it – so remember this before starting your application.

Should I fill out all fields in the application?2014-07-23T19:36:52+01:00

Only certain fields are necessary for your application to be considered and are then marked with an asterisk. It’s up to you if you want to submit more information. We recommend to provide maximum information.

How to apply if we are 3 or 4 applicants?2014-07-23T19:36:00+01:00

The Immodating application form was initially designed for 2 applicants but can easily be managed for 3 or 4. To do so, use the GUARANTOR fields as if they were 1 or 2 extra co-applicants with you – these fields are on the second page in the Finance section. Make sure to submit all relevant documents requested, and to add a comment in the Motivation or another field explaining you will have 3-4 people listed living in the flat.

Can I submit my application in another language than French?2014-07-23T19:32:28+01:00

Absolutely. Your application can be entirely submitted in French, English, and German. All fields will appear in these languages. To do so, just go into your parameters (once logged in, click on the little wheel in the top right) then change the language. Once your application is submitted, the agency will see your entire application like any other in her working language. Everything is translated except for the manuel fields you entered (such as ‘Motivation’ and ‘A few words about us’ which you will have typed). No problem therefore to submit your application in another language.

What if I lost my password?2014-07-23T19:31:33+01:00

You can get a new password via the login page. A link to renew your password will be sent to you provided you answer the security question. If you loose your password and cannot answer the security question, all your information will be deleted for security reasons.

I started my application, can I continue it later on?2014-07-23T19:29:34+01:00

Absolutely, you can stop your application at any time to continue it later on. Any time you pass one of the 7 pages of your application it is automatically saved for later use. To continue your application, just log into immodating then go to the Folders section of your account – click on the ‘Incomplete Folder’ to continue it.

Can I edit data after submitting my application?2014-07-23T19:28:50+01:00

Once submitted, an application cannot be changed. That’s because the agency might be in the process of getting it approved internally or with the property owner. The only option available is actually for you to retract your application (if you changed your mind, etc.) – this option is available for you on the page of your submitted application. If you want to modify information of your application, please contact our hotline by email mentioning the property’s address – we shall help you make the changes.

How long will I wait for an answer from the agency?2017-09-17T04:17:29+01:00

Once your application is submitted, the agency will probably wait to obtain several applications to progress. She will then have to decide internally and-or with the owner of the appropriate candidate. Once this is done, the agency will inform you of the positive or negative answer. Even if the rental date for lease start is passed, it has little importance as choosing the right person matters usually more to agencies. In our experience, you should expect at least 7 days before an answer with a maximum of 1 month or so. After 15 days it might be adequate to contact the agency to learn more about your application statut.

Is my data safe?2014-07-23T19:27:16+01:00

The security of your data is very important to us. The security of your data required the development of highly secure systems. Specifically:
– Data is stored on servers located in buildings and hidden-or under high protection
– Communications are encrypted through secure socket layer EV validated externally
– The data are in Switzerland and do not pass through countries deemed unsafe for data management (such as USA)
– Your sensitive data is protected by security systems to make them specific access even more difficult.

Who can access my Rental Application?2014-07-23T19:26:23+01:00

Only Agencies to which you submit your application can access your complete file and only when you have fully submitted your application. Some limited data may be available to partners but only for services you have explicitly requested (moving, other management contracts, etc..). We invite you to read our privacy policy to learn more.

Can I delete my account?2014-07-23T19:24:30+01:00

Your settings can be changed at any time and / or your profile deleted. You can always delete your entire profile by going into your Settings (the little round shape sign in the right corner near your email) and clicking that option – we will be sad to see you leave but we hate websites that make it hard so please delete your account, we make it easy.

What services do you offer for Owners?2014-07-23T19:22:24+01:00

Immodating allows Agencies to install the selection tool. Yet, it is not designed for Owners who wish to select a tenant themselves.

Can I post a listing on the site?2014-07-23T19:21:57+01:00

No, sorry, Immodating does not allow for posting rental listings on its website, even on a paying basis. We offer services to real estate agencies to make their property known but no listings as such. Contact us to learn more.

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