Increase your chances of being accepted with the Solvability+ Certificate

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– Because of cheating candidates, rental agencies in Switzerland can be distrustful of clean looking proceedings statements (“Attestations de Poursuites”).
-With the Solvability+ Certificate, your solvability is verified, you receive solid proof for agencies, and you differentiate yourself from other candidates.

The issue? A clean Proceedings Statement is often not enough!

Attestation de Poursuites
  • Bad payers have a serious impact on agencies hence filtering cheaters out is critical.

  • Some candidates cheat: they falsify their Proceedings Statement (“Attestation de Poursuites” in French) or move their residence to appear clean. Indeed, the proceedings will appear clean if the person just moved from one district to another!

  • For the property owner hence the rental agency, knowing those details and ensuring at 100% your solvability is therefore highly attractive.

The solution? The Solvability+ Certificate

At what price?

The Solvability+ Certificate costs 29 CHF per person and is valid 6 months. Of note, it is always positive! Indeed, if our pre-analysis indicates that you are not in the database or the result is not 100% positive, the order is stopped before you had to pay anything! You therefore risk nothing obtaining it.

Make your rental application more solid and attractive thanks to the Solvability+ Certificate

Increase your chances !
Increase your chances !