Summary for the Non legal

1. The confidentiality of your data is at our heart and at the center of our business model.

2. You submit information of various types including financial, demographic, legal, and we get others on your web behavior.

3. Your personal data is only shared with third parties if necessary for a service you have explicitly requested:
– Your complete file is transmitted to agencies on your submission and can be accessed by the agency to make you other rental offers. No other agency can access your full information unless you submit them your application.
– A limited part of your information is transmitted to third parties when you explicitly request to receive favorable offers from a partner (insurance, etc.).
– An anonymised version of your profile is made available to partner agencies if (and only if) you indicated that you would like to receive additional rental offers.

4. We set up advanced security systems to prevent unauthorised access, including SSL encryption. All sensitive data is stored in Switzerland.

5. Submitted rental applications are deleted after 1 year et your profile is anonymised after 1 year without login.

This summary is provided without any warranty, only the formal text that follows is legally binding.

Policy for protecting privacy and personal data

The confidentiality of your personal data is at our heart. This Policy describes the methods we use to collect, store, process and use your personal data.

By providing us with such information and / or using our Site, you consent to our collection, sauvegardions, treat and use your personal data according to current legislation and the terms and conditions of this Policy. If you disagree with this policy, we do not provide any personal information. If you refuse or withdraw your consent or if you choose not to provide personal data required, it may be that we are unable to provide any or all of our services.

If you have questions or comments regarding this Policy or comments to improve its quality, please write to

This Policy is part of the Terms. Any word beginning with a capital letter shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Terms.

A. Data collected

We collect, diligently and in strict compliance with the legislation on data protection, personal data that you freely choose to provide us in particular to set up an electronic application to the attention of one or more (s) partner (s) or Immodating to obtain bids from other service agencies Immodating. In addition, we also collect information about your use of – and your behavior – our Site.
The information collected is as follows and categorized by type (categories which we later references):
– Login: user name, password, etc.
– Identity: name, nationality, etc.
– Availability: telephone, email, SMS, etc.
– Address: street, postal code, city, etc.
– Demographic: age, family size, etc.
– Personality: taste, presentation, etc.
– Financial: financial resources, etc.
– Legal: existence of proceedings, etc.
– Certification: enforcement office, salary, identification, etc.
– Statistics: number of files submitted, etc.
– Wishes: personalization, needs, lifestyle, etc.
– Performance on the site: browsing preferences, pages viewed, etc.

B. Minors

We do not knowingly collect personal data to any minor and we will not use this information if we discover that they were supplied by a minor.

C. Use of Personal Data

In general, your personal data are only used in order to provide services that you know and whom you wished to access. Your personal data is only transmitted or communicated to third parties, agencies Immodating, if this is necessary to provide such services or if you have previously consented.
– During the creation of an electronic rental application, when you use the electronic submission application tool for a rental property, your personal data is transmitted to the agency concerned. The agency can access all the information you submitted (except Login information of course) and may offer you alternative rental properties if you chose that option during the application process. No other rental agency can see your full rental application or your data unless you submitted data to them.
– If you indicate that you want to receive further rental offers via Immodating, a anonymised version of your profile can be accessed by partner agencies so they can taylor their offer for you and assess whether you are a good fit, before sending you rental offers by email. This profile they access contains information of the following type: Demographic, Personality, Financial, Legal, Certification, and Wishes. The data types Identity (name, etc.), Address, and Availability (Phone, etc.) are NOT shared.
– If you request to receive attractive offers like moving, relocation, liability insurance, or guarantee, your data type Identity, Availability, Address, Demographic, and wishes, may be transmitted to our partners for the processing of your request. However note we do not transmit this data unless you explicitly requested to benefit from one of these offers.
– If you order (or authorize the order) of a Certificate via the site, the data you submitted can be transmitted to CRIF which will generate a Certificate for you.
Personal data may also be disclosed to third parties when required by law or court order requires it or in case of sale of our business.
Further processing of your personal data in order to provide services you want access, we reserve the right to use all or part of your personal data for other purposes, such as contact you, conduct surveys, those of you recommend our services which may interest you, or establish user studies as a whole the data is then processed to be rendered completely anonymous. You can at any time, oppose partially or fully to the use of your personal data for such purposes (opting out). For this, a simple written statement is sufficient (by mail, fax or email).
We also use buttons ‘social’ + provided by Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The use of these third-party service is completely optional. We are not responsible for their privacy policy or practices of these providers, and you are responsible to read, understand their privacy policy.
Finally, we currently use the services of Google Analytics (traffic analysis, SEO optimization) and MailChimp (mailing list management). We list below the information that these third parties collect exactly. You are responsible to check their privacy policy to learn more. Details of Google Analytics are provided in section Tracking.
– Google Analytics: anonymous (ad serving domains, browser type, demographics, language, page views, time-date), alias (IP address)
– KissMetrics: email (page views, time-date)
– CrazyEgg: anonymous (ad serving domains, browser type, demographics, language, page views, time-date), alias (IP address)
– MailChimp: first name, email, and region to register for our mailing list

D. Duration of data preservation

Immodating keeps your data to provide you with the above services for the following length of time:
– Un-submitted rental applications: the rental applications that are not yet submitted are deleted after 90 days.
– Submitted rental applications: these applications are entirely deleted, including all attachments, exactly 1 year after their submission.
– Submitted rental applications that are accepted by an agency: While they are deleted by Immodating after 1 year, please note that the agency will often keep a copy of your application for the whole duration of the lease on its own servers. Immodating cannot be held responsible for this data storage by the agency.
– Profil: the sensitive information of your profile that would allow easily identifying you are deleted after 1 year without login. The data in question includes your family name, your employer, your day and month of birth, your address, the date of birth of your children, your motivation texts and few words on yourself, your car plates and car type, and others.
– Account deletion: If you suppress your account though the appropriate account deletion procedure in your Parameters section, your data will be entirely deleted within 90 days.
– A back of all data is made every month so your data might be saved an extra month above all deadlines indicated above.

E. Access to personal data

If, through our site, you have access to personal data, for example in your capacity as an employee of a board, you agree to abide by the legislation on data protection, and this Policy. The recording of personal data on a data carrier must be made so restrictive, prints should be treated confidentially and unnecessary personal data must be immediately destroyed.
As a user, you authorize the staff of state enterprises – and the staff of Immodating when necessary – to view your file with the restrictions noted above.
In addition, we use and make with people and providers that are certain functions on our behalf and under our responsibility (the ‘Agents’), for our service hotline for example. Perhaps we should send some of your personal information with our agents to offer you products or services. Unless otherwise stated, our agents have no right to use your information beyond what is strictly necessary to help us. You agree that your personal data be shared with our agents.

F. Cookies

For the optimization of our Site, we use cookies. These are small files that are stored on your data medium that store and, through your Internet browser, some configurations and some data to share with our system. You may refuse the use of cookies by making the appropriate settings on your browser, however, we draw your attention to the fact that you will no longer have access to all features of our Site. In principle, no personal data is stored in cookies used by Immodating. The cookies we use can not be linked with a particular person. When a cookie is activated, an identification number is assigned to the respective cookie. A formal relationship with your personal identification number that is not possible. At no time has held a record of your name, or similar data to establish a relationship between you and cookies. Using cookie technology, we get only anonymous information telling us for example which pages of our site were consulted.

G. Tracking

To improve and optimize our site constantly, we use the Google Analytics tracking technology.

Analytics is a service of Google Inc.. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses a certain type of cookies. The information generated by cookies (including your IP address) is sent to – and stored – a Google server in the United States. Google complies with the requirements of data protection treaty “U.S. Safe Harbor” and is on the program “Safe Harbor” the Ministry of Commerce of the United States. Google uses this information to analyze, for us, using the Site, to compile reports on the activity on our Site and to perform other services related to the use of our Site and Internet . Where applicable, Google may also transfer this information to third parties insofar as this is required by law or if Google charges the third data processing. Google will not associate your IP address in conjunction with other Google data. As mentioned above, you may refuse the use of cookies by configuring your browser appropriately, however, we draw your attention to the fact that you can not then maybe longer use the full functionality of our site.

By using our Site, you consent to the processing of data collected about you by Google in the manner described above and in the above purpose.
The Google tracking codes from our website using the “_anonymizeIp ()”. With this, the IP addresses are processed only in a form shortened to rule out linking with a specific person. You can object at any time in collecting and recording data from Google Analytics, this opposition then taking effect in the future. For more details, see

H. Right of access and rectification

Accordance with the laws of data protection, you have the right to receive information on free data stored about you and, when they appear to be inaccurate or incomplete, the right to rectify, block or remove them. For this, you simply log onto your account, go to your profile, and make the necessary changes. We will remove your personal data, but will retain connection data, demographic information and statistics about you and we will keep an archival copy of your information anonymously. If other users of the site had access to your personal data, we can not remove this information from their systems.

If so, please direct all inquiries by mail or e-mail by ensuring that your identification is possible unequivocally:
Immodating SA
Pont de Rugenet 5
CH-2035 Corcelles

I. Personal Data Security

Personal data are protected from unauthorized processing through technical measures and organizational measures. Their transmission is encrypted through such a certificate Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Sensitive data is stored in Switzerland to the hosts CloudSigma (Zürich) and Tizoo sarl (Lausanne). Your registration information to the email newsletter is stored with MailChimp in the United States.

J. Misuse of services

In case of misuse of services, especially if fear of punishable acts, the data can be analyzed to clarify the situation and, on duly justified request, be sent to official authorities or the third party by the abuse.

Updated September 2nd, 2015. This is a translation, only the French version is valid in case of conflict.

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