Your winning rental application with personalised coaching

Winning rental application with Immodating coaching

Your rental application is often rejected by real estate agencies? Not sure you have what it takes to be accepted? Benefit from Coaching Dossier+ (49 CHF): our personalised report based on 7000 rental applications for a winning rental application in Switzerland.

The issue? Your rental application might be rejected for a detail

Rental application losing without Immodating coaching
  • It’s tough to understand what makes an outstanding rental application without your context: type of rental seeked, location, and of course your situation (job, income, etc.).

  • In most cases, the rental application can be radically improved to avoid rejection with specific and personalised tips.

  • With the exception of estate agencies, few people have experience with rental applications, but their time is precious or costly…

The solution? Coaching Dossier+

At what price?

The Coaching Dossier+ costs 49 CHF per rental application (launch offer). We have advised hundrends of candidates manually and this low price is only made possible through semi-automation. Take this opportunity!

Get your winning rental application with our personalised coaching

Your winning application !
Your winning application !